Student Spotlight: Koala and Kangaroot Beer

This was a student project made at Norges Kreative Fagskole in Oslo, Norway.

"I made up a fictional Brewery (Boomerang Breweries) with a story to go around the name of the beer types I made up with a special spice from the Australian "bush tucker". The selling argument is that the brewery gives back to nature (like a boomerang, hence the name) and to help protect the wildlife and the forest. The target group is young and urban people. I made a beer called Koala Beer, and a root beer called Kangaroot Beer. With illustrations of two of the most famous animals in Australian wildlife. The style is based on the handmade and artistic feeling, inspired by the indigenous Australian art but stylized. The bright colors and the lively illustrations sets the mood of a young and creative atmosphere. I chose to use the blue and orange palette because of the two things of Australia's nature we all know most, and that's the blue ocean and the orange desert."


Designed by Charlotte I. Olsen 

Kanga 1Kanga 3Kanga 6Kanga 4Kanga 5Koala 1Koala 3Koala 4Koala 8