Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow

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I love the simplicity and freshness of this packaging. Interview with Benefit's Senior Graphic Designer and more photos below!

Gina Angie: Which typefaces were used to create the hand rendered look?

Dara DiLiegro: Typefaces for the product name include slightly altered Strangelove and Hannah. Though we considered hand drawing the type, we knew that a typeface would be more user friendly.

Gina Angie: Does the sticker on the top of the box represent the shade of the make up?

Dara DiLiegro: Yes, not only does the label include the printed shade name but the color represents the shade. They were matched on press to the actual shade. The shade label is visible from the front and top of the box.


Gina Angie: Why did you choose a white box and frosted plastic?

Dara DiLiegro: Most liquid foundation boxes are black so as not to alter the shade color however black is not in the Benefit DNA. We chose to stand out in white and silver which are light and airy just like the product!

Gina Angie: Is there anything else you wanted to share about the process of creating this package design?

Dara DiLiegro: We went through a few versions that featured patterns and graphic images but ultimately settled on a typographic solution which expresses the unique characteristics of the product.

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