Student Spotlight: NikeID Custom Shoebox


A redesign for Nike’s NikeID™ brand.

"I first took the logo and streamlined it and changed it to black/white to give it a punch, which was what I needed for my box. I then created a traditional shoebox in clear acrylic, with a removable lid, and finger holes for easy grabbing. I chose the clear acrylic to really make the box be about the shoe and not the brand. I wanted this box able to be set out and displayed, for someone who is proud of their sneakers. I also added custom tags to the box, showing the NikeID logo, and the creator’s name, engraved into clear acrylic.  These can be detached from the box and used as a key chain to support the brand. I also added a simple inner sleeve on the box to hold a “designer’s card”, a flip card showing the design and designer’s information and shoe size, as well as logos on the other sides. It can be folded in any direction to show any side. All of this adds to the amazement of the user’s experience when they receive their custom pair."



Designed by Andrea Manor

2011 ART06219copy

2011 ART06226copy

2011 ART06230copy

2011 ART06236 copy