Neon Trees - Picture Show

"For the Neon Trees' second album, Picture Show, the band came to me with 2 distinct ideas and guidelines:
- to create and brand this fictional female character, Trixie, who always wore red heart shapped sunglasses
- to create a movie poster for every song on the album."






A monumental task to say the least, this left us coming up with ideas for 16 different poster ideas including the cover art. Along with myself, photographer Autumn de Wilde, and lead singer Tyler Glenn, we concepted all sorts of different ideas.

We basically had free range (the best kind of range) and came up with a variety of posters that were inspired by 60's 70's & 80's films. The posters ended up being the basis of the art which was used to wrap and package the deluxe album. Including a Softpack with an 18 page book of all the art and lyrics and most importantly a 3D image Viewmaster with exclusive images from the photo shoot It was quite the ambitious project with amazing results that helped brand the band and the album."


Art Direction + Design: Todd Russell, Steven DeFino
Photography: Autumn de Wilde


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