Matas Styling Range


KAU-RABEN was asked by Matas, a Danish drugstore, to delevop new packaging for their private brand range of hair styling products:

"The brief was to make a design-line that would have a strong shelf impact, a strong brand identity, packaging design with a look of its own, but still a part of the Matas stripes." (from their logo, below)



"The series should appeal to both men and women. As the shapes and forms vary a lot within the range, we decided that a firm graphic style would be the anchor that secured the strong product-family resemblance. The background colour, metallic deep aubergine, creates a unique look and colored boxes allows us to underline the sub categories, and make the consumer able to navigate within the range.The stripes come across loud and clear as a guarantee of quality and history."


Designed By: Kau:Raben

Country: Denmark

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The Matas logo, where the stripes come from.