"The Story: Kavi and Elizabeth came together first in love and now in Kaveli to create the first Indian Culinary Experience meal kit company, based on the generations old recipes handed down from Kavi’s mother."






"The kits are unique in that they provide all the hard to find Indian spices and ingredients but leave the experience of cooking the meal to the customer as a date night activity or family bonding event.

The Challenge
Create a brand identity & engagement plan with supporting materials and media to successfully launch a new culinary meal kit business.

The Method
Bolster created a logo and business system identity along with packaging design for all projects, infusing the core story in all materials. Bolster also developed an engagement plan based on key research findings. Finally, Bolster created a website, brand video and developed a social media engagement strategy to maximize materials for earned media coverage.

The Results
While it remains too early in Kaveli’s life cycle to assess ultimate brand engagement outcomes, Kaveli has enjoyed an extremely successful product launch. They are seeing rapid growth in online sales through the Bolster-created website and continue to find new placement for their product in specialty food shops nationwide. Look for a results update in Q4 of 2012."

Designed By: Bolster

Client: Kaveli

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