Corner Store Leather Shopper

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"Paper? Plastic? Try leather... For their Collection No. 4 series, those precocious guys at Cast of Vices are crashing the bag biz with their own take on the flimsy hold-alls we pack at the corner store with, you know, a loaf of bread, a container of milk and a stick of butter...(yes, Rose's "vice" is pop culture trivia)."





"Speaking of butta, the Corner Store [shopping] bag is cut from super-smooth, high-grade lambskin. The Have a Nice Day, Thank You, I HEART NY and Recycle patterns are hand embossed and the bag is sewn, all here in Los Angeles. Like the carefully hand-cast jewelry that put Cast of Vices on the map, the design of each "shopping" bag is a direct reflection of the original, disposable object it's based on—but realized at the extreme opposite in terms of materials and manufacturing. Available in two sizes, they are the luxe alternative to BYOB (as in bring you own bag!)."

Via: A+R

Designed and Sold at: Cast of Vices

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