This Week's Top 10 Package Design

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This weeks Top 10 Package Designs, as rated by your clicks on The Dieline. Which ones are your favorites? Share your thoughts in the comments below! 





1. Concept: Hostess Twinkies Redesign

Bite into an American classic before they go away. As Hostess announces its bankruptcy, this new packaging concept attempts to rebrand Hostess and save them from going under.

"The ubiquitous loaf of crusty bread is found everywhere, a food staple, the original slow food, artisanal in the hands of a craft baker, but in the world of branding it is very much a commodity."


"In the run up to the summer (in Australia), Equator Design's beer was a small production run of home brew style Pale Ale which we brewed ourselves in our Sydney Office to distribute to our clients."


4. Geographical


"Geographical is a new brand that markets a selection of specialty foods made in Greece and exported mainly to the US and Europe. The products are local from small artisanal producers. The look and feel is inspired by Greece’s rough terrain."


5. OneTwoTree


"The project included initial branding concept and logo development through to packaging and website design." 


6. The Artisan Collector’s Edition


"The Artisan Collector’s Edition contains four decks sealed inside of a laser etched, wood engraved box."


7. Jimbo


Musli packaging created by Made by Big.



8. Way Fare Ice Cream


SmashBrand created a WayFare Non Dairy Ice Cream. Based in Montana, WayFare is a revolutionary company which manufactures simple, delicious, amazing products from whole-food plant based ingredients. 


9. Buba


"In approaching the design of this brand and packaging for the entire line of products the customer told us that was fun, child and fresh."


10. Mother Dairy


“For the last 35 years, at half past five every morning, 3.5 million households in New Delhi wake up to a pack of Mother Dairy milk on their doorsteps."