The Christmas Tree Bauble

"I was asked by the advertising agency Jung von Matt / Neckar again to illustrate another christmas give away: A christmas tree bauble plus the package and a little greeting card."












"It should be for the agency clients and the staff of Jung von Matt / Neckar. After people liked the christmas SIGG bottle illustration style so much i should use the same style for the bauble again. That extraordinary christmas tree decoration needed to be colourful, joyful and funny. And of course the agency logo – the Trojan horse – plays a role again so that everybody knows who the sender is! It was a blast to start doing the sketches while having that in mind. For me as a type lover it was important to use nice ornamental letterings which matches to the comic styled illustrations. The bauble perfectly fits in its package. I hope it brings a smile to the face of every recipient."

Client: Jung von Matt/Neckar
Design / illustration: Stephanie Wiehle
Photos: Stephanie Wiehle

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