Arlo Jacob Candle Company

Arlo Jacob is a mom and pop candle company located in Los Angeles founded by Jon Setzen. All of their candles are individually hand-poured and made with 100% coconut wax. Their first candle "Courlander" is hand-crafted with the essence of Jon's grandfather’s 75 year-old tobacco recipe. This signature combination of blended tobacco, anise seed, brown sugar, and a pinch of dried plum.







"Just the hint of pipe tobacco wafting in the breeze can bring childhood memories flooding back. Don’t we all have a story about someone we loved who smoked a pipe? Here’s mine.

Long ago in a faraway land - known then as Rhodesia - my grandfather mixed, by hand, his own signature tobacco blend.

 He’d sample each batch in a small clay pipe. Adding a pinch of brown sugar or a dash of ground dried plum until the smell and taste were just as he remembered.

Granddad is a remarkable man. This candle is my tribute to him. Hand-crafted with the essence of his one-of-a-kind tobacco blend, it burns with the same fire that sparked his clay tasting pipe more than a half century ago.

Its aroma will fill your room, allowing your thoughts to wander to simpler days. As mine do, every single time."



Designed by Jon Setzen Studio

Illustration by Elonora Marton

Type is Archer and Spoleto



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