Concept: Enjaka Cocktail Mix

Enjaka cocktail mix was inspired by the chemicals, the beauty of mixing different elements together to create something entirely different and entirely yours. You can be your own Barman. This concept packaging design invites you to intereact and play with different cocktail combinations. 




"The bottles have a circular design with a bottom plug and a top cap so they can be attached to each other and thus motivate you interact and play with them. All ingredients in our formula are divided into 3 types of bottles of different sizes:

Base (400ml) The livelihood of the cocktail, juice and the main flavor of our mix.
Spirit (300ml) The soul of the mixture, the alcoholic beverage of our choosing.
Touch (200ml) The delicate endpoint that provides an authentic and distinguished flavour to the mix." 
"Cocktail Sugguestionary: We've also created developed a booklet that has one, divided pages with the ingredients so you can play and see the posisble combinations and two, there are tips on how to mix some of the post popular cocktails and thier origins and some tips"


Designed by Tatabi Studio, Dublin, Ireland.