Eroski Snacks

"Eroski needed a new packaging design for four types of its snacks: sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, fried corn and mixed nuts. The Supperstudio Team was tasked with finding a way to directly show the essence of the brand and infuse the product with a different personality. The goal was to make them clearly identifiable and recognizable, as well as making it easy for consumers to find them on the shelves."









"The Project 

We focused on the color and the front, main, viewable section to create the distinction. The chromatic, visual identity helped us to build a line of communication that makes it possible to recognize the product easily and quickly. The product was transformed into an informative element. The design of the packaging included a “window”, through which you can see the package’s content so you can see what you’re buying. Each type of snack was identified with a different animal on the packaging. An elephant was chosen for the sunflower seeds, a chicken for the mixed nuts, a pig for the fried corn and a bird for the pumpkin seeds. The inclusion of this element added to the products’ chromatic identity, making it even easier for the consumers to recognize them. The solution This snack-packaging redesign is a modern and attractive solution for a fun product. Consumers can perceive the core value of the brand and easily recognize the product on the shelf. All in all, four innovate designs for refreshing and modernizing the Eroski snacks’ image."

Designed By: Supperstudio

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