NZ Post


Designworks developed both the simplified system and packaging design for the New Zealand post. Currently being piloted in the Kapiti Region.

"Simplified Sending is a complete worldwide sending and packaging system from New Zealand Post that radically simplifies both the process and packaging presented to users.
Designworks developed both the simplified system and packaging design – beginning with the current range which offers over 370 sending options – simplifying the process and pricing structure to work within a range of 3 boxes and 4 bags. Users simply pick the box or bag that suits their item, pack it, pay on a self- service kiosk, and post it by dropping it in a drop box."

Contemporary Maori artist Ngatai Taepa created a series of illustrative artworks depicting Kaitiakitanga. The kaitiaki is a Maori symbol of guardianship – fitting for a business entrusted with objects of value and significance every day. Use of an iconic black & white colour scheme adds to the cultural resonance of the range.
The result is a clear sense of functionality, accessibility and distinctiveness. The illustrative detail offers an unusual contrast to the utilitarian postal aesthetic – the illustrative and typographic combination and layout neatly mirrors that of a postage stamp, cleverly communicating the combined box and delivery tariff."


Designed by Designworks, NZ 

Design Team / Paul Johnson / Ngatai Taepa. Contributors / Shayne Priddle.

Design Director/ Sven Baker / Paul Johson.