Lierac Prescription, Paris

Brandimage takes inspiration from the pharmacology world, where information is the star. The simple color code system not only ads more interest to the labels, it accentuates the product's readability and intended use. 




"Founded by a doctor, LIERAC Laboratories pairs the best of nature with the demands of science to create products, which adhere to the laboratory’s original values: innovation, performance and innocuousness.  For its PRESCRIPTION range, the brand developed a unique patented complex associated with high-performance active ingredients for optimally effective products.

Brandimage found its inspiration for the new range’s design in the pharmacology world. With a graphic line that recalls the effectiveness of a beauty prescription, the product is positioned as a prescription dermocosmetic treatment.  Information is clearly organized in a hierarchical fashion on the packaging, which underlines the excellence and the quality of LIERAC’s innovations.  The simple color code accentuates the product’s readability and intended use, while adhering to a graphic charter that recalls apothecary packaging, and with the brown glass of the medicinal world." 

Designed by Brandimage