This Week's Top 10 Package Designs

This Week's Top 10 Package Designs on The Dieline, based on your clicks. Which ones stand out to you, and why? Share your thoughts with us below!






1. Me In A Glass

Memento 00

Me In A Glass created by Alberto Pangaro in collaboration with agency POST.


2. Pour Moi Coffee

11 20 12 pormoi 1

 SMR Creative designed a series of paper cup for Pour Moi Coffee that will make you think twice before throwing it away. 


3. Concept: Pasta For One

11 20 12 pastaforone 1

At first glance these tube may look like beautiful holiday wrapping papers but these tubes are actually tubes of pasta for one! Designer Alessia Olivari created these as a personal project. 


4. SSG Food Market: A Supermarket with Seoul.

11 18 12 ssgmarket 1

"Challenge: Shinsegae, South Korea’s premier luxury department store, asked Mucca to translate their vision of a forward-thinking food emporium into reality."


5. Honey Hunter

11 20 12 honeyhunter 1

"Honey hunters are people who gather honey from wild bee colonies. Designers of Fresh Chicken Agency treated this expression word for word. Honey and a bear is a classic combination, and the decision was to design a "bad" bear who would do anything to steal his favorite honey."


6. Empire Vineyards

Empire Vineyards 00

Empire Vineyards identity and package design created by Fred Carriedo.


7. Pantry Honey

Meg Hattomonkey 00

Pantry Honey packaging created by design agency Hattomonkey.


8. DOOG: The Sticks

11 19 12 thesticks 1

"Woody" and "Twiggy" are totally terrified branch sticks made from recycled rubber, that floats in water, and glow in the dark, and spliter free. We love the playfulness of the design where the products and the packaging together creates a new image of a tree with leaves.  


9. The Tasting Bench

11 15 12 tastingbench 1

"Our goal was to avoid the old wine clichés while expressing clearly what The Tasting Bench is about, to an aesthetically savvy key market."


10. Kathmandu

11 19 12 kathmandu 1

Strategy Branding and Advertizing refreshed brand identity and packaging for Kathmandu, out door gear/ lifestyle brand.