Marc Jacobs Dot

"We keep calling them sisters. Lola is Daisy's sister, and now Dot is their sister," Marc Jacobs told told WWD on his new Dot Perfume. Details on the new packaging below.






"There's beginning to be a sort of vocabulary [within the fragrance collection]; even within the variety, there's a similar handwriting - something that just feels like us." What a cute sounding family. Marc also talked about the design of the Ladybird-inspired bottle, which I admit was the thing I was most excited to see when we first heard about Dot.

Apparently it "just seemed right": he told WDD, "I asked myself, What would this Dot be? And for me, it would be something that was chic, something that was charming. A dot is timeless and a pattern I always love, and round shapes are always beautiful. I liked the idea of these hybrid butterfly-ladybugs, which suggest a sort of free spirit and femininity and playfulness. And, of course, ladybugs mean good luck."

So the actual perfume: the juice sounds deliciously interesting, with top notes of red berries, dragon fruit and honeysuckle; a heart of jasmine, coconut water and orange blossom and a base of vanilla, driftwood and musk. The scent all came back to the overall vision of the lady bird too. "There's a juicy, lush quality to it because it felt like the right spirit for this bottle," he said. "It's almost like a butterfly or a ladybug landing on a leaf." Oh and the campaign images have been revealed too - looks like there's no celebrity face this time (maybe the Dakota Fanning thing put them off). And if that isn't enough, Marc got us worked up again about his upcoming make up line with a snippet about his meeting with Sephora, describing it as 'inspiring'."It was an inspiring first meeting, and that gets me excited - when their enthusiasm matches my own."

Bottle design: Sayuri Shoji in collaboration with Marc Jacobs

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