Fatto A Mano 2010 Red Wine

P.S. Studio designed the plabel for Fatto A Mano, an imported red blend from a small family vineyard in the Italian region of Tuscany.  The label design evokes a sense of whimsy and respect for the landscape, food, flavors and culture of this vaunted region. Simplicity, craft and tradition as well as visual appeal make this label and packaging a standout."

"The "Cuts" of the pig serve as a metaphor and indicator to the composition of the wine blend, roughly 66% Merlot, 33% Sangiovese and 33% Syrah."

"We had a little fun with the copy on the back, explaining the translation of the name. The pig on the label by no means implies that it 'tastes of delicious bacon'"

Designed by P.S Studio, Arizona