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Ice cream packaging with the illusion of a transparent lid.

"We designed the new Dodoni family ice cream packaging. The style is clean, minimal and based on white.

Dodoni is a traditional premium ice cream brand known to us as ice cream sold in bulk. So we wanted to link the brand with its roots. As the main packaging element we used the typical scoop of ice cream and to pay emphasis to authenticity we projected a natural image of the product.

Dodoni ice creams are among the few true ice creams one can still enjoy - not a frozen desert - since they are made of real fresh milk. The white emphasizes this feature. The lid seems transparent so we can enjoy the scrumptious ice cream from which someone has taken the first scoop. With this little trick, supermarket chest freezers are truly impressive as they look like ice cream shop counters where the different varieties are displayed in metal containers one next to the other."



Designed by 2yolk branding & design

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