From Cologne with Love

Great package design doesn't always appear on a shelf of a store, often times, we find the best package design right on the front porch; whether it is that awaited box with a smile on the side or a beautifully crafted box from your grandmother. Are We Designer, a design studio in Cologne, Germany shares our excitement of seeing a package on the porch and decided to share it with their friends and clients. They have created a memorable set of labels, stickers, stamps and more for their ourgoing mail.




"Once in a while it happens that we have to send real mail out into the world. «From Cologne with love» is our brandnew set of goodies, which we created to enjoy our clients and friends who receive mail from us, ourselves and - not to forget - the postman. So we did a whole range of different sticky things to put on envelopes and parcels: different sized address-labels, stickers, tape and stamps (not sticky). All of these goodies can be combined however you like!" 

Designed by Are We Designer Cologne, Germany