De L'Aubier Sap Water


"De L'Aubier Sap Water is a still water of vegetal origin made from maple sap." For this unique product, the designer takes inspiration from the growth rings of the maple trees, and use them as the main visual element of the design to represent the annual cycle of each harvest. A little tree is integrated in the "movement" to create a second level of understanding. 



"To blend tradition with modernity to emphasize on its authenticity, conceptually and visually, I felt necessary to show where this unique water comes from. That is why the whole concept is inspired by the growth rings of trees and that the name of this unique water is "De L'Aubier" that means 'from the sapwood' Unlike other bottled waters, De L'Aubier was not pumped from the ground by a machine. Through the biological phenomenon of osmosis, during Spring, sap rises to the tree branches during the night when the temperature drops below freezing point and flows back to the roots during the day when temperatures go up; this circulation of the sap occurs through the sapwood composed of the newer rings which is the living part of the tree. 

To show the novelty, nobility and renewability of this water resource was also important, i.e. the fact that it comes from the inside of a tree, harvested in the spring of each year. The growth rings seemed like the ideal visual to represent all this. The rings are in movement to represent the natural circulation and annual cycle of this water that makes for its uniqueness and sustainability and the year of harvest is specified on the cap of the bottle to further emphasis such exceptional origin of the resource, annually renewable. A little tree is integrated in the "movement" to create a second level of understanding. 

The choice of white and transparency as color code was based on the fact that when one thinks of water, one looks for pure, light, soft, elegant and timeless.

As an allusion to the seasonal harvest, the signature for De L'Aubier is "L'eau Nouvelle Est Arrivée" or "The New Water Has Arrived" and it is packaged in a branded wooden box to be offered in specialty high-end shops which goes to state that this water has a special connection to wood and that is as precious as a grand cru." 

Designed by Catherine Petter