Yellow Owl Workshop

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We recently featured Yellow Owl Workshop in a spotlight we did on the trend of  Handmade Packaging. The products are unique and the packaging artwork is inspiring.

"For about 4 years while we were packaging most of our stamps and cards with a more homeade, earthy feel with kraft paper and wood boxes and muslin bags. Aesthetically it is just where I was and the volume we were doing wholesale/retail-wise allowed for it.  Once large retail chains were incorporating packaging cues from the DIY world to make their product feel more handmade and precious, we needed to move on.


As our business grew we were needing packaging that held up in bigger retail environments, conveyed more info about the brand + product all while keeping an eye on shipping weight and per unit costs.  So we ended up loosing the natural and fragile in favor of sleek and durable black boxes and colorful labels."


Designed by Christine Schmidt, Yellow Owl Workshop

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