Student Spotlight: 88˚

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"88˚ is an upscale chocolatier that shares its name with the perfect temperature to melt chocolate in order for it to be smooth and shinny. Eighty Eight is elegant and expensive with a modern twist. I created this company for the sophisticated urban woman who enjoys a good glass of wine that perfectly pairs with her chocolate.

The minimalistic packaging reflects the personality of the company. These boxes were created to package their spicy chocolate,as reflected with their warm colors. The subtle details that you find on each box, create in an abstract rendering of the number 88.

I decided to use glass jars for their chocolate and caramel sauces, because they are simple and keep with the minimalistic design. Glass also allows you to see the product which becomes part of the color palette used in the brand. Each jar comes with a small tag that gives serving suggestions and you can find small pattern on the back of each label . The tags read:Dark Chocolate dip fresh or dried fruit, for an easy but elegant and satisfying dessert.White Chocolate rich and creamy with a hint of brandy. Drizzle it on your favorite cake.Salted Caramel a great sauce to use on bread puddings, cake slices, ice cream and pies.


This company also has their own house wines. The labels on each bottle of wine contain the logo of the company, and have the same pattern and colors as the tags on the chocolate, to pair them visually as well. Shiraz with white chocolate Cabernet with with dark chocolate Zinfandel with milk chocolate.

88˚ also has an app for the user  to pair with their wine and chocolate, this app compliments the user's necessity and it works perfect as a system with the packaging."

Designed by Natalia Padilla a Student at the University of North Texas

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