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"We at Zeus Jones are big fans of Scottish whisky, but a tasting event can often seem a bit stuffy and traditional. We created the PR%F whisky tasting app and some sampling kits to fix that.


To make PR%F’s complimentary kit, we carefully considered the details, and sweated outside of work hours to bring them to life. Each of the labels was hand-stamped with a custom design, which blended PR%F typography with our alternative wordmark. To add to the mystique of holding a bottle of fine scotch, we hand-dipped every single one in wax, and stamped them with the percent sign from our PR%F logo. Since PR%F is a tour of Scotland’s whisky-making regions, we carefully chose the whiskies that best represented the area where they were made. The experience of the app was more inspired by board games than any one example of technology. We wanted it to feel social and democratic, easy for anyone to enjoy. For the identity, we came up with the name PR%F, a play on proving your knowledge of scotch, and also on the concept of alcohol purity."

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