Student Spotlight: Krista Farrell

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Check out these two package designs by Krista Farrell, a Senior Graphic Design student at the University of Wisconsin-Stout.

 Spork Logo & Packaging Redesign

"This logo and package redesign is an innovative solution that introduces the spork into a new, more sophisticated market. With a minimalist approach, the logo was designed to mimic the hybrid nature of the spork. The packaging has been reduced and designed to create an environmentally friendly, reusable case. This is both convenient and responsible."

SO Seeds

"This packaging concept was designed for the idea of urban farming. The product is essentially a kit for growing one’s own food in a situation with limited space and resources, such as a small apartment within city limits. The kit includes a biodegradable pot, a soil pellet, and a few seeds. The packaging includes a QR code that links to a website that will help the user find a community garden near them where they can move their plants when the plants are big enough or when the weather permits"

This photo shows the package being opened. The seeds, along with directions for planting and taking care of them, and the QR code are contained within.12 23 12 seeds512 23 12 seeds612 23 12 seeds412 23 12 seeds2