Thymes Mandarin Coriander

Packaging line inspired by 40s and 50s patterns & kitchenware. More photos & an interview after the jump!

"Thymes is a company rooted in the Midwest – it’s a part of their heritage. That’s why we decided to look to the textures and images of our region when designing the Mandarin Coriander fragrance line. Our goal was to match the fresh, clean feeling of spring with the nostalgia of a warm afternoon in the kitchen. We worked closely with the Thymes team, drawing inspiration from vintage patterns, authentic packaging forms and hobnail glass. This led us down a creative path that includes an eclectic mix of custom ceramic pieces, tea towels and aprons that compliment the ever evolving mix of home fragrance products. For the color palette, we opted for bright colors that reflect the scent’s vibrant, citrusy nature."

Gina Angie: I love the vintage feel. From which era did you pull most of your inspiration?

Brad Surcey: We definitely looked at a lot of fabrics from the 40s and 50s. There was a boldness in their use of color and pattern during that era that really felt like a good starting point for us. Since so many of these products live in the kitchen, we also researched some of the old Pyrex, Corelle and Corning Ware pieces from the same time period. We felt like a modern spin on that classic aesthetic might lead to some interesting territory.

Check out Brad's Mandarin Coriander Pinboard on Pinterest to see some of his vintage inspiration.

Gina Angie: What font did you use for "Mandarin Coriander"?

Brad Surcey: It was hard to find something that fit just right, so we actually made the "Mandarin Coriander" font from scratch. We wanted something unique that had those soft curves in it. Since we were only dealing with two words, we decided to create a unicase font so that e's, a's and r's would all relate nicely to one another.

Gina Angie: Did you also design the ceramic trays and candle? can you explain that process?

Brad Surcey: The trays were the brainchild of Christiana Kippels at Thymes. She brought in some beautifully simple fruit containers to one of the meetings and we decided they'd make great trays for products. For the hobnail candle lid, we simply created a pencil sketch showing all the angles of what we were hoping to achieve. From there, a vendor created both pieces for us. Collaborating closely with Thymes in this way is an important part of our process. In many ways, we see them as more of a creative partner than a client.

Designed by Zeus Jones

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