Student Spotlight: Melvita

"The brief was to identify an establishment, to re-brand it and design the packaging for a range of products in new brand style. I decided to chose Melvita company. Melvita is one of France’s leading brands of natural and organic cosmetics. The name of the firm consists of two Latin words  ‘mel’ - which means honey and ‘vita’- which means life. The honeycomb shape of package refers to the origin of the company - beekeeping. The hexagon shape also is used in different patterns on the cosmetic boxes, which allows customers to orientate easily through the range of products. The Logo of the company consists of letters ‘M’ and ‘V’ connected together and forming a heart, enclosed in the hexagon shape. By this, the slogan of the firm - nature at heart - is emphasized."


Designed by Alina Strelchenko, a student of British Higher School of Art and Design in Moscow, Russia