Redken’s Styling Collection

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After sending out The Wrap Newsletter featuring the Trending topic: Sequential Packaging, we received this excellent example of the trend.

“Redken’s Styling Collection is a series of professional products sold exclusively in Redken salons, and includes a large diversity of premium tools for obtaining the perfect hair style. Bergman Associates was charged with the task of designing a packaging system that creates a harmonious collection, and also sets up a simple system for identifying individual products.


The design system is based upon three elements: the product name, five product categories (smooth, texture, volume, shine, and hairsprays) and the styling control number. Using modern typography and a bold color palette, Bergman Associates developed a sleek and impactful design that successfully translates to all the various packaging.

Most notably, the focal point of the design is the vibrating typography that was used to label the level of control that the product contains. This solution was inspired by the movement and business that is New York City, which is a core aspect of Redken’s urban brand. The packaging goes even further in it’s homage by reflecting the modern form of New York’s slender skyscrapers. This collection is a fine example of simple navigation, and beautiful design.”

Designed by Bergman Associates

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