Bold Inc. Limited Edition Port Collection

One of the top design choices designer make usually involves being "bold and brave". Bold Inc. has done just that with their limited edition port collection, using the good old hole puncher and a thick rubber band to create these beautiful labels. More after the jump! 

"Boldinc's latest creation captures thier craft and expertise with a limited edition Port collection designed in collaboration with illustrator Jeremy Lord and or friend at Bell River Estate.

The collection includes five different bottles. A good old-fasioned hole punch became the simple and ingenious solution to bring hand-crafted exclusivity to each individually numbered bottle. 



Our friends at "The Distillery" letterpress and Clear Image Labels helped in this commercial run.

The design itself is inspired by the rich history of our neighbouring wharves, hwere U.S Sailors, on shore in Potts Points and Kings Cross helped establish a long serving culture of working hard and playing harder. 

The Bold & Brave Port Co. is a testament of our town. Never a dull moment, always an opportutnity. A place where fortune favours the brave..."

Designed by Bold Inc , Potts Point, Australia