Suchard Prélude

"There is chocolate and then there is Suchard. Over the past decade, Landor Paris has been working with Suchard and laid the foundation for the Maison des Pralines, a French chocolate icon with a heritage over 150 years old. Landor has been partnering with the brand on its core products, seasonal ranges and innovations. Starting with the design of an iconic chocolate shape, the Suchard’s Maison des Pralines first launched their now successful Imagine. Packed in an elegant handbag-shaped box the product stands out from its competitors thanks to the usage of the original color combination of silver and bright orange.


The latest product to hit the shelves is Suchard Prélude, the crème de la crème of chocolate pralines. The packaging carries the delicate and seductive chocolate curves of the product into the box structure. The form reflects both the elegance of a woman and the sophistication of a bowtie: it has become a signature shape language and key asset of the brand. This along with the Suchard diamond, a sophisticated colour palette and gifting and luxury cues, provide the ingredients for Suchard’s Maison des Pralines. No wonder the product is perceived as delicate and premium. With Prélude and Imagine Suchard has successfully changed the traditional codes of the chocolate packaging and created a product that surprises and seduces."


Designed by Landor