Student Spotlight: æ - Honoring The Forgotten Women of Type History

What a delightful representation of the women in these typographers' lives.

"I have always wondered about the stories behind fonts with women's names. I studied the three typefaces: Mrs Eaves, Caecilia and Joanna. I decided to honor these three forgotten women in the history of typography through this project.



I chose the symmetrical ligature ae to reflect the intimate relation between the type designers and the special women after whom they named their typefaces. From there, I developed a set of three necklaces.
I designed the packaging of the necklaces as business cards considering the different identities these women represented. Joanna was Eric Gill's daughter, Mrs Eaves was Baskerville's housekeeper and mistress, and Caecilia was Peter Matthias Noordzij's wife."

Designed by Nour Tabet a student attending Maryland Institute College of Art

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