Marques de Burgos: The Eternal Traveler

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I love the way the striking accent color is balanced through the playful (yet elegant) serif typeface and white negative space.



"The man, Mar­qués de Bur­gos, is an in­ven­tion of our design department.  A fantastic character, with ad­venturous pro­file and romantic soul. For the development of this packaging we en­dow an element of personality to the presentation and to reflect, in essence, nature in­vent­ed the Mar­qués. An air balloon with "retro" style was the solution. A dynamic, colorful and very visual packaging that responds perfectly to the assumptions set by the client."

Designed by (calcco) Comunicación Visual

Creative Director: Raúl Barrio, Sergio Aja

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01 11 11 burgos

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