Lotao Premium Rice


Perfectioners are spice blends that trace their origins to ancient recipes and oral traditions. Elixirs are infused, pure rice oils. When paired with rice, they lend Lotao creations a silky consistency, a light taste, and a delightful shine.
Lotao has re-discovered rare rices, and has brought these rare finds to a select group of discerning connoisseurs in the West. The rice specialties are treasures from foreign cultures, hidden culinary secrets from the past. They come from different countries in Asia: from Java, Laos, India and China for example. Lotao works with partners who grow rare rice varieties, ensure fair working conditions, and promote social and environmental responsibility. By enriching the rice with Elixirs and Perfectioners, Lotao rices provide a new culinary experience. The Perfectioner unfolds its taste in the rice when added shortly before serving. The flexible structure of the rices remains intact yet is enhanced through the bouquet of tangy spices. The Elixirs are compositions based on rice oil, which give the rice a silky consistency and delightful shine.  They are enlivened with select notes and lend the rice an airy fullness.
The intention of the design was to show, that rice can be a real premium product - despite of how it is treated in german kitchens today. 
Designed by Kersten von Sohlern.
Oriental Sensation smoked
Rising Sun OrangeRoyal Pearl BlackSparkling Volcano TerraWizard of Laos