Aura Health & Wellbeing

"Burgopak has developed the brand-identity, artwork and structural packaging design for the complete range of Aura Health & Wellbeing products. To ensure the new brand would fit comfortably into the UK market, Aura Health & Wellbeing called on Burgopak to portray a sense of its traditional Chinese roots whilst maintaining a fresh and modern look."


"The branding, artwork and structural design for Aura are intrinsically linked, using colour, shape and form to depict a central and uniform identity for the new lifestyle product brand. A palette of natural colour tones was chosen to reflect the organic nature of the products ingredients, as well as consciously being used to easily distinguish the different product families.

The Aura logo motif was designed to illustrate an abstract representation of the tealeaf, a symbol itself, which holds significant value in traditional Chinese customs as a form of divination. The structural design for Aura’s tea bags and mixed granule boxes reflect and tie in nicely with the shape of the brand’s logo, integrating the tealeaf motif into the lid structure and sides of the packs."

Designed by Burgopak, London