Winlove Wine

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Winlove is a new brand which aims to reach new main client groups by selling winemaker signed fine wines to those who experience them by lifestyle - glass by glass.


"It is aimed at a young target of consumers and ambitions to portray the class and romance conveyed by velvety full-body wines, transmitting prestige and perfection while still being approachable.The brand was designed as a system, portraing each wine from each of three regions, and developed into three different label styles to enable the winemaker to diversify both in public range, as well as buying audience, therefore enabling itself to reach different economic contexts.

The graphic elements are all connected to the wine imaginary, both explaining its region and its characteristics. This system allows the brand to categorize each wine taste, as well as it creates and interesting mystery solving game with its costumer: three origins; lifestyle; alcohol; sparkles from the particular taste of champagne and needles for the particular sting and sparkle taste of the white champagne wine."

Thank you to João Castro for submitting this project to us.


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