Fifteen London's Signature Wine

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Fifteen London is a restaurant that uses the magic of food to give unemployed young people a chance to have a better future.


Their food ethos is to 'cook as an Italian would cook' and to use fresh, seasonal ingredients. Our creative challenge was to position Fifteen's three signature Italian wines in line with this ethos and the recent restaurant refresh. The hand drawn typefaces on the labels were chosen to emulate both the character of the wines and the hand-made approach of Fifteen London. The wood cuts continue this theme and introduce an element of learning, another of Fifteen's values, by visualising the types of foods that match perfectly with each wine. The profits from these wines go to the Jamie Oliver Foundation.

Designed by Superfantastic thank you to Rachel for submitting this to us.

SF Fifteen Corvina LabelSF Fifteen Garganega LabelSF Fifteen Montepulciano LabelSF Fifteen Labels FrontSF Fifteen Labels Back