Student Spotlight: Bloody Good Wine

Chase Farthing  and Cameron Sandage created a brand of wine that is created targeting college males who might feel out of place with the traditional wine bottles/ glass in the party scene. Read more about the concept after the jump! 

"The project was completed for an Advertising class at Portland State University, both Chase and I (Cameron) are graphic design majors which where given the task of developing a new line of wine for a specific target demographic and to design the labels, a TV spot, a Internet Ad and Print ad. Chase and I went beyond the specifications of the project and developed not only the design of the labels, tv spot, print / internet ads but also constructed the bottles, designed a logotype for the brand, and changed how "Bloody Good" was consumed. 

The target demographic for the project was college age males who do not currently drink wine / consume much wine at all. We discussed how most college males may feel out of place holding traditional steam ware for wine and how to change this. We decided to package Bloody Good in beer bottles with a screw top cork and each bottle has a crude / shocking name to grab attention. Also on each bottle is a warning to the consumer which also helps to show what kind of wine they are consuming but also help to define the tagline which was "It's Just...Bloody Good" "

Designed by Chase Farthing + Cameron Sandage, Portland State University, Portland, Oregon United States