Nacosta 'Wilderness City' CD Packaging

Los Angeles based band Nacosta recently released their debut EP, “Wilderness City,”. With the help of designer, Sheva Kafai, the album artwork (hand drawn with graphite on paper, then digitally colorized) truly capture the essence of what listeners will get from their music. See more of it after the jump! 


"Nacosta is a Los Angeles based band that draws their influences from psychedelic, folk, and rock based sources. Their music sounds like song structures from the 60s, mixed with sensibilities and ideas from the 90s and 00s. The band consists of brothers Shane and Brandon Graham. Shane draws his drumming influences from jazz, experimental and electronic music, and anything with creative beats. Brandon has been performing in bands since he was a teen, and started a record label at a young age."

Designed by Sheva Kafai at houseafterhouse, Los Angeles, CA