Love 2 Bake

DesignBridge, an international branding firm, created this packaging for chef Julia Barclay's pre-measured Baking Kits, Love 2 Bake.

"Growing up, Julia Barclay’s mother was a great inspiration in the kitchen.  A passion for baking grew in to a career that took Julia to the production team at Masterchef and Delia Smith’s “how to cook” television series in the UK. 

So often with baking, the cupboard has too much of one thing and not enough of the other.  Julia’s kit Love 2 Bake combines the finest pre-measured ingredients to make baking as simple as possible.  Design Bridge was invited to create Love 2 Bake as a premium brand that expresses the simplicity quality of the product.

We were inspired to create a design that was ‘blissfully simple’ just like the ingredients.  As a mirror image of the number 2, the new heart-shaped logo links the name Love 2 Bake with the simplicity of starting with just two ingredients and reflects the warmth of the brand’s personality.  Using traditional techniques, the new logo and typeface combines with hand drawn calligraphy and is letter-pressed on to uncoated paper before each pack is hand-sealed to create a beautifully crafted design."

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Rachel Wiles