Before & After: Earthwise

BRR Ltd., out of Auckland New Zealand revamped this packaging for Earthwise:
"The challenge for BRR was to create a distinctive and organic design that connected with a new audience while retaining the essence of the company. The concept BRR created was a signature leaf graphic inspired by the conceptual idea 'one leaf, one tree, one forest, one earth' for the Earthwise home range products."
"The bold graphic is strong viewed in isolation but as more products are aligned and merchandised together, it grows and expands on shelf, creating a unique and striking brand 'forest' within the supermarket ales'. The signature leaf graphic subtly change colour to differentiate the products variants.

For the Earthwise body care range, the leaf graphic was then transformed into a soft organic petal graphic. Each product type has it's own petal configuration, with colour highlighting the variant/fragrance. Where possible, recycled, sustainable material and inks were used so the brands' ecological principals were not compromise."
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I had to really dig around the internet to find a before picture of Earthwise (above left), and a shot of one of the revised designs (above right). Both are lo-res; sorry!