Chalice Bridge Wine: The Quest

Untitled 1knights

The Quest wine labels were designed for Margaret River producer Chalice Bridge Estate. After working with the client to develop their brand strategy, Studio Lost & Found were asked to recommend a solution for their mid-tier range of wines that would better reflect their desired positioning.

" We proposed a range of premium wines called The Quest, which draws inspiration from tales of the Knights Templar and the quest for the Holy Grail." The concept pays homage to the client’s limited release range of wines called The Chalice, which represents the Holy Grail of winemaking. We collaborated with Tokyo-based illustrator Skye Ogden on the illustrations.

Lost Found The Quest Set of 4Lost Found The Quest 2Knight Pose 1 FLAT SMLKnight Pose 2 FLAT SMLKnight Pose 3 FLAT SMLKnight Pose 4 FLAT SMLKnight Pose 5 FLAT SML