ENOSIS Mastiha Liqueur

Enosis is a brand of Mastiha Liqueur from Greece. "A Simple Spirit! A white, classy label for a fine mastiha liqueur.The non-colour packaging inspires through simplicity, graphic weights and analogies. A touch of metallic turquoise brings everything into balance."



"Enosis in Greek means union. People under the same spirit, the same beliefs and care, gathered, inspired and created a unique spirit: the original mastiha liqueur. Chios mastiha, this unique resin gifted with a distinctive flavor and aroma, travelled through time as a special ingredients of the Mediterranean nutrition. Chios mastiha represents the Growers' Spirit that unites faith, labour, know- how and originality. "
Designed by Dimitris Stefanidis at Looking Agency. Copywriting by Smaro Politi.