Croftgate USA

"True automobile aficionados go to great lengths to keep their prized possessions looking shiny and beautiful. and while car sales may be down across the board, consumers are spending more than ever to keep the vehicles they already own in good condition. In fact, industry analysts say the repair and maintenance product categories have seen double digit sales increases in recent years. Surprisingly though, few national car care brands have embraced the opportunity to offer fresh options at the shelf "

"Birdsong Gregory created an upmarket position for the brand that was inspired by the Royal Seal of England granted to Croftgate as the official polishing and cleaning product for the Royal Stables. This classic emblematic approach to the identity connotes a richness and heritage that resonated with our target audience. From the Selection of the packaging to the quality of the trigger mechanism to the use of spot varnishes on the labels, everything was designed to create a premium position for the brand. The waterless and eco-friendly aspects were woven into the brand messaging.

Designed by Birdsong Gregory, North Carolina