Student Spotlight: Nivea Revitalizing

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"The project is to create a new look for Nivea Revitalizing emphasizes the young, confident, energetic and distinctive look for men in the United States."


"The challenge was to redefine the line look from bottles to look and feel of the products. It is designed for men ages 22-28 who want healthy skinand are willing to spend money on skin care product. They seek products and brands that are easy to use and have a strong personality.  Nivea Revitalizing is also taking the advantage of the end cap in Target by redesigning the look on shelf as well as POP display and countertop.  The POP display and countertop not only reinforces the brand equity through imagery and provide clear features but also rethink the usage of  a endcap display."

Designed by Michelle Han a student at Art Center College of Design.