Pams Pet Food

"This striking pet food design was created for Pams, New Zealand’s large private label brand, owned by Foodstuffs Group. Relaunched with a refreshing personality of ‘surprise and delight’, Pams has grown to be preferred brand of choice with its own following. This loyalty is a reflection of the enjoyment and pride shoppers feel about buying items that are good value and yet have a high quality product presentation."

Check out Pams range of pet food packaging design by Brothers Design. We love their simple line illustrations for each animal. The graphic system for information is clear and quick to grasp. Successful design throughout the line. More after the jump! 

"Pams Pet Food:

Brother Design has been the creative team behind Pams packaging designs since the brand relaunch. We’ve had to use simple and clever ideas to cut throught the category norms, add charm and achieve stand out, all the timeremaining true to the Pams essence of ‘simple everyday pleasures.’

The solution for Pams Pet Food Range is a great example, using playful silhouettes and bold colours in a categorydominated by photography.
The effect is a modern and eyecatching design that is easy to navigate and clearly represents quality and good value ."

Designed by Brother Design, New Zealand