Bunches & Bunches

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Bunches & Bunches Ltd. is a young gourmet food company founded in Jackson Hole, Wyoming with a passion for incredible food.

The company is now in Portland, Oregon and they're making some amazing treats (people and pets alike!) that are available at a growing roster of gourmet retailers like Dean & Deluca and others. Their newest product is a gourmet dog treat made from natural, wholesome ingredients. I really like the packaging design, which is unexpectedly elegant for dog treats.

"The bag was letterpress printed - mainly because of the (small) size of the run and the stock bags we wanted to use. We couldn't get a screen printer to take on the job, so we decided to pursue letterpress printing. Jon Selikoff of Vote for Letterpress was willing to take on this challenging job, which ended up printing beautifully. The bags were printed both front and back, with virtually no show-through thanks to his impeccable attention to detail. We also had small labels cut to size which the client printed with a rubber stamp. This served two purposes - a white label to accommodate a scannable UPC barcode (which scans better on white) and as a tamper-evident seal. (The downside of rubber-stamping a barcode is the less consistent print quality - some will come out better than others.)The rubber stamping method allowed for on-demand small-batch printing."

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