Vintage Packaging: U.S. Aqua Pure Drinking Water

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I stumbled across this amazing vintage packaging, a case of U.S. Aqua Pure Drinking Water. Water in a can! Designed in the 1950's during the height of the nuclear age, the can is "impervious to nuclear fallout." Great stuff, check it out below!


"This can contains water pumper from our own well and immediately processed under scientific methods resulting in a highly pure drinking water. Under ordinary storage conditions, this water will keep for years. IMPERVIOUS TO NUCLEAR FALLOUT. But, in case of fallout, wipe can and can opener before opening can.

This water is processed under provisions in permit issued to Teasdale Packing Company by California State Board of Health and meets the requirements as set forth in the U.S. Public Service Drinking Water Standards.

Recommended for convenience in emergency uses. It is cheap insurance to have a supply on hand."

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