Student Spotlight: Kohl's Private Brands

Students from Academy of Arts University, Ben Wong, Jordan Leal, Hyojin Lee, and Lance Zhang worked together to create extensive brands within Kohl's umbrella of brands. Read more after the jump! 

"With competitor's such as Target, Kmart, Walmart, in the current market, Kohl's needs to connect to its demographic on a psychological and emotional level. It is essential to communicate quality and sophistication through its strong package design and to establish a deep brand loyalty through its many locations.

The idea was to create a new revitalized system that would make Kohl's the preferred place to shop. 

Mod Décor is Kohl's home decor line. The concept was to create a contemporary mood that would capture the essence of the product, not just by seeing it on a white background, but by juxtaposing it within its own environment. The effect creates an intriguing experience for the viewer on a flat surface.

With Kohl's having a large following in the women's category, we felt that it order to focus on bringing in a more gender neutral audience, we had to introduce a new private line, Brookfield Improvement. The inspiration for the name came from the location of Kohl's first department store, which was located in Brookfield, Wisconsin.  The concept was to create an affordable line of products for those DIYers and would create a voice that speaks to the viewer. 

JB (Jumping Beans) was built upon an existing brand in the Kohl's store. We wanted to push the product and packaging to cater to mothers and newborns. Our idea was to provide products that would offer a premium feel at an affordable price.

One of our Kohl's private lines, Premier, offers a line of premium kitchen appliances and accessories. We wanted to provide a line of products that would help showcase that Kohl's isn't just another cheap alternative, but a brand with a competitive edge.

As a team, we decided to give some structure and order to Kohl's house brand. In creating Stone Harbor, it allowed for us to develop a brand that is able to expand into different categories (Kitchen, Living, and Bath), while still maintaining consistency with the brand itself. "

Designed by Ben Wong, Jordan Leal, Hyojin Lee, and Lance Zhang, Academy of Arts University. 

Instructor: Tom McNulty