Jeeves & Jericho: The Jolly Good Tea Company

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Is based in the historic city of Oxford and is now right at the forefront of the new tea trend.

"The concept was established with one very clear vision and that was to offer a totally fresh and unique specialty loose tea experience. Targeting and addressing the demands of the next generation tea drinker with a growing appetite and passion for the loose leaf."

"The concept is based solely on making the world’s finest loose leaf teas and tea-making accessories more accessible without the pomp and ceremony. Using funky retro packaging, we provide our customers with the resources that make drinking real loose tea in any environment more fun and informative. Each tea blend has it’s very own individual illustrative artwork which tells its own unique story, giving each tea its own personality which engages the customer to want to pick up the tin so that they can understand more about the product and branding.

The entire range incorporates a total of 26 individual designs across 3 sizes of retail and display tin, and work is already under way in the creation of 18 new tea lines that will incorporate additional oriental green and white tea lines as well an extensive selection of wellbeing and fruit tea tonics. Since the launch of the Jeeves & Jericho back in March 2011 we have seen rapid expansion and overwhelming demand for our brand with distribution now being carried out in France, Germany, Austria, Ireland, Portugal, Netherlands and discussions are underway with partners in the USA. I trust that the above information gives you a better understanding of our product and should you require any additional information please do not hesitate in letting us know. We hope that you feel our branding and packing is suitable as well as good enough to feature within your website.

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