TopTV Decoder

Check out this colorful packaging for Top TV's decoder, with South African flag in Top TV colors. Within the second box, the cover is die cut, showing a user manual with TopTV logo stripes. See more after the jump! 

"The design of the limited edition TopTV decoder box reflected the aspect of a brighter world. The actual decoder unit was housed inside a Perspex box with a South African flag in the TopTV colours wrapped around the decoder. The cardboard box in which the decoder sat was die-cut, allowing the TopTV logo stripes on the user manual to be visible and reveal colour. The decoder manual used the TopTV logo stripes. When people opened it, the first thing they saw was the TopTV manifesto, an inspiring, uplifting message that made people feel as if they were now going to access a new world of entertainment via TopTV. Most manuals are used only when setting up the item but the TopTV one was designed to be a functional one that could sit in the lounge and look stylish. Hence the back panel of the manual acted as a picture frame."

Designed by Kate Butcher, Cape Town, South Africa