Pisco Pozo Santo

Check out the packaging design for the award winning brandy, Pisco Pozo Santo. The designer uses the contrasting tactile feel of the bottle, the frost, as well as the glossy strip of color running through the bottle. More after the jump! 

"Pisco Pozo Santo is an award winning colorless brandy made from the finest grapes from the southern region of Peru called Ica (Land of the Sun). The brand offers four varieties; Acholado, Quebranta, Italia and Torontel. We have taken this legend and have created a sophisticated Brand. Four separate bottles have been designed; each has a unique and elegant touch that represents the different flavors offered by Pisco 

The layout and design of the label consists of Fibonacci sequence grid positioning typography and graphic elements. Making all of the elements come together harmoniously and in perfect balance for a more pleasing look and effect. The Pisco Pozo Santo symbol represents a sacred well that is surrounded by a drop of water that is enclosed by rays of light and it contains a cross on top that symbolizes the “sacredness” of the well. "

Designed by PLOOVIA DESIGNS, Brazil